Having spent a lifetime working in IT / Computing both in industry and academia as a developer, consultant and latterly as a trainer/ lecturer; during lockdown I picked up a hobby again from my 20's.

This hobby was painting in acrylics. I tried to use the paints, brushes and easel I had owned for more than 30 years, but soon bought new paints, brushes and a stronger and steadier easel and have not looked back since.

I am now leaving my former profession and focussing on my art work.

I specialise in Automotive/Car Portraits as I am a confirmed car buff and enthusiast. I decided to bring my two passions together and focus on those cars I love. These tend to be either cars from the 70's and 80s or Jaguars, MGs and classic British cars from any era.

I also paint a few landscapes and flowers to mix things up a little.

I am happy to create a unique painting of your own car for you - just see the our Commissions Page for further details. If you are on a budget I can also provide pencil sketches on art paper for a significantly cheaper price.